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 Covering at Yeguada La Yedra

The breeding season for the majority of stallions is during approximately 5 months. It used to start in the early spring and ends at the beginning of July, approximately. Some stallions make an intensive season and it is usual for a stallion to cover up to 300 mares. It is important that stallions are properly nourished to maintain its fertility during the breeding season and in the long term.

Stallions sometimes do not maintain proper weight because they stay thin during the blanching season or tend to gain weight even with restricted diets. For this reason the correct handling of the stallion in covering is very important to maintain its health and fertility intact. A serving should provide enough energy and nutrients to maintain proper weight at all times.

A stallion can cover a mare at any time of the year, but the volume of semen and its quality is lower in January and February. These parameters increase with the arrival of spring and are already at the peak at the beginning of summer. A stud is at its best, with more sperm reserves between 8 and 10 years.

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Gabriel Oliverio.